After The Goldrush New Media Mavens Combat Internet Fatigue

| March 2, 2001

After The Goldrush New Media Mavens Combat Internet Fatigue

John Strausbaugh hosts a roundtable of new economy mavens at the New York Press offices to discuss the future of the new economy and life after the goldrush. founder and editor Joey Anuff argues that the gloom of the fall has been exaggerated as much as the euphoria of the boom.

Strausbaugh facilitates the conversation between Anuff, Ande Zellman of Newsweek, Dave Kansas of, Rich Turner of The Industry Standard, and John Ellis of Fast Company and Inside. Anuff and Kansas contribute an interesting and hopeful perspective about the future role of web-based companies. Meanwhile, Strausbaugh questions their assumptions and lends a bit of a pragmatic tone to the discussion.

'I believe there's a place for content on the Web,' Kansas demurs, 'and is better positioned than most companies to succeed in producing content for the Web. We're a media company in its fifth year. We will be profitable this year,' he predicts. 'Most magazines, five years is considered pretty solid. USA Today took 10 years.'

Anuff continues the conversation with affirmations of the value and viability of cheap user-generated content such as is found on As a rebuttal, Strausbaugh wonders, 'How that makes money is what has me scratching my head.'

Follow the interesting exchange of ideas to better understand the complexities of web-based companies as well as their human counterpart.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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