A Future in this Place

| May 3, 2002

A Future in this Place, Elea Kemler, UU World
No longer an assistant, or student minister, the Rev. Elea Kemler chronicles the often humorous and touching challenges of her first congregation in Gardner, Massachusetts. In the Unitarian Universalists' bimonthly magazine, UU World, Rev. Kemler talks how her dreams of having her own church rarely matched the reality, how she ultimately made peace with her situation. She writes that she held an image of herself sitting in a lounge chair in the office reading philosophy with her dog snoozing serenely by her side. Unfortunately, her dog doesn't accommodate her fantasy. 'In the first place, she is never serene,' Kemler writes. Secondly, Kemler admits that she never reads philosophy.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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