A Good Priest

| August 14, 2002

A Good Priest

'I've spent a lot of time thinking of the irony that Chicago might never have had a Monsignor John Egan,' writes Mergery Frisbie in Commonweal, 'if his old teacher, Father Beemsterboer, had played the seminary game by the numbers.'

Egan, who died earlier this year, would not have even gotten to seminary if Beemsterboer had not realized that a good priest need not receive an A in Latin. After seminary, Egan took an active role in both the religious and social realm, feeding everyone from the homeless to Jews with faith while helping communities and neighborhoods cope with racial and economic crises. He was so inspirational, Frisbie explains, because, unlike other priests, he made decisions and effectively enacted them.

In the midst of the confusing priesthood scandals, she remembers that Egan never would have touched so many people and reformed so many lives if the rules were not bent with logic and reason.
--Abbie Jarman
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