Al-Qaeda Ate My Student Loans

| January 7, 2002 Issue

Al-Qaeda Ate My Student Loans, Matthew Callan, FreezerBox
An unexpected loan payment reprieve from "the friendly folks who hold my student loans in their icy talons" leads New York City writer Matthew Callen to contemplate the events that lead to his forbearance. Because he lives in a federal disaster area, he's entitled to a six-month break from loan payments. His initial glee becomes a more somber reflection: "I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I did not deserve such a gift. I was lucky enough to escape September 11 unharmed, as were all my friends and family," he writes in the online Web zine FreezerBox. Even so, after a disturbing conversation with one of New York's Bravest, Callen comes to wonder why banks won't do more.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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