Alabama Activists Rally Against Homophobia on the Bench

| March 6, 2002

Alabama Activists Rally Against Homophobia on the Bench,
Gay rights advocates in Alabama are speaking up after State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore remarked that homosexuality was 'an inherent evil against which children must be protected.' In his concurring opinion in a child custody case involving a lesbian mother and heterosexual father, he said that according to the Bible, the mother's sexual orientation made her an unfit parent. According to, Moore also has suggested the government use physical force to suppress gays and lesbians. While supporters of Moore say his words were misconstrued, gay groups and religious groups are outraged. Faith leaders say he has perverted religious scripture, and suggest that he step down as Chief Justice. 'Justice Moore's personal religious opinions should have no bearing on this case,' says Chris Purdom, an elder in the Presbyterian Church. 'As a person of faith, he certainly doesn't represent my beliefs.'
--Kate Garsombke
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