A Life’s Work: Plaster Caster

A Life’s Work: Plaster Caster, Jessica
Baumgardner, Nerve.com
Ever wonder how ultra-realistic sex toy replicas were made? Now all
your questions will be answered — plaster caster extraordinaire
and head of R&D for Doc Johnson Sex Toys, J.C. Logan tells all
in this entertaining interview with Nerve.com’s
Jessica Baumgardner. He makes the mold of the person’s genitalia
with alginate, a sea kelp product most-often used to thicken
milkshakes. In the process, some precautions need to be made: ‘If
the person has any pubic hair, it’s a good idea to put some
Vaseline or lube down there because alginate grabs.’ Another
little-known insider tidbit: pretty much all of the realistic penis
replicas have been enlarged by at least 10 percent. For more candid
facts about molding your privates and the privates of porn stars
check out the rest of the interview.
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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