Al Jazeera: For Western Eyes Only

| February 3, 2003

Early next year Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based TV network famous for its 24/7 Arabic-language war coverage in Afghanistan and messages from Osama bin Laden, will launch an all-English channel. In the coming months, it will also launch an English-language Web site designed to provide fair, in-depth news features that present the war in a more human light. Bob Garfield, host of the NPR radio show On the Media, recently interviewed the Web site?s managing editor, Joanne Tucker, who aims to raise the bar for journalistic integrity. ?. . . [T]here are two or more sides to the war against terror. . . . You only are a PR and propaganda machine when you focus on one side of the story. We don?t intend to do that.?
-Erin Ferdinand

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