All the Worlds an MIT Campus

| October 21, 2002

All the World's an MIT Campus, Kendra Mayfield, Wired
As many colleges slowly incorporate the Internet into their courses by way of online course registration and grades, student newsgroups, etc., MIT has gone a step further and posted a sampling of 32 of its classes on its OpenCourseWare Web site, where it is available to the public. As Kendra Mayfield writes in Wired, MIT is not claiming that online courses are comparable to an actual MIT education, nor does the school plan to give credit for the free classes (for that you'd need to cough up $27,000 each year). Yet considering that MIT might have gone in the direction of selling information online, it's admirable that the university opted for open knowledge instead. Paul Potts, OpenCourseWare's communication manager, hopes that the project will serve as a model for disseminating information on the Internet, giving more people access to previously guarded knowledge.
--Erica Sagrans
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