Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Power Blackout

| August 2003

Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for last Thursday's power blackout in the eastern United States and Canada, according to a communique obtained by the Cairo newspaper Al-Hayat.

The communique, reported on the Web site Information Clearinghouse, said the brigades of Abu Fahes Al Masri hit two power plants but did not specify how the sabotage was carried out. 'We heard amazing statements made by the American and Canadian enemies which have nuclear physics universities and space agencies, that lightning hit and destroyed the two plants,' the communique said. 'And we are supposed to believe this nonsense. If the blackout occurred in one or two cities, their lie would have been credible. But the fact is that the blackout hit the entire East and part of Canada.'

The statement, which has not been verified by independent sources, alleged that Osama bin Laden ordered the strikes 'to offer the Iraqi people a present. . . . The Americans lived a black day they will never forget. They lived a day of terror and fear . . . a state of chaos and confusion where looting and pillaging rampaged the cities, just like the capital of the caliphate Baghdad, and Afghanistan and Palestine were. Let the American people take a sip from the same glass.'

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