American Cities Beginning to Embrace Pedestrian Safety



More than 4,500 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles every year on the streets of America.

A recent report from the National Complete Streets Coalition studying ten years of data found that 16 times more people were killed crossing the street than in natural disasters over the that same period. Another 68,000 walkers on average are injured every year. The victims are disproportionately children, seniors and people of color, according to the report. 

This pedestrian safety crisis is even more dire internationally. More than 270,000 people are killed while walking every year—22 percent of a total 1.24 million traffic fatalities, according to the World Health Organization.

“It’s like an airplane falling out of the sky every other day. If that actually happened, the whole system would be ground to a halt until the problem was fixed,” notes Scott Bricker, Executive Director of America Walks, a coalition of walking advocacy groups. “We need to address this terrible problem with the same urgency.”

“Where’s the moral outrage?” asks Katherine Kraft, America Walks’ National Coalition Director and Coalition Director of Every Body Walk!, a collaborative of citizens, businesses and organizations across many fields convened by the health care non-profit Kaiser Permanente.

12/6/2016 2:48:25 PM

Great article! North Carolina has also started a Vision Zero Initiative. Check out the Pedestrian page that shows Safety Tips, FAQ, and more resources for additional learning.

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