America?s Next MTV

| June 18, 2003

Not since Forrest Gump has one person so actively participated in recent history. Omar Amanat?founder of the online trading service Tradescape?not only escaped the collapse of the World Trade Center, he survived the dot-com crash and sold the company to E*Trade last year for a whopping $280 million. Now the twentysomething entrepreneur is launching what could be the next MTV. According to a report in the webzine Alt.Muslim, Amanat and partner Muzzammil Hassan are developing Bridges TV, a Muslim American television network. Set to launch in the summer of 2004, the cable and satellite channel intends to ?shake up the media landscape? and provide ?a resonant community voice.? With a business model based on successful predecessors like Al-Jazeera, Telemundo, and BET, Amanat has recruited media and cable professionals to ensure the company?s success. People are already demanding their Bridges TV; according to Hassan, more than 100 people subscribe daily on the company?s website, ?and we don?t even have a product yet.?
?Erin Ferdinand

Go there>> ?Bridges? Creates a Safe Space For Muslims On TV

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