America?s Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Cities

| May 16, 2003

San Francisco is America?s most vegetarian-friendly city, according to a new survey by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The organization based its selections on the number of ?vegetarian restaurants, health food supermarkets and stores, and sales of vegetarian and vegan products.? Though the survey features few surprises (New York, Seattle, and Minneapolis ranked high), it profiles a city in nearly every region of the country. The list includes brief descriptions of each town, as well as the names and addresses of several choice vegetarian and vegan locales in each featured city. The vegetarian-friendly poll also features several related lists, including the cities that just missed making the top 10 as well as the ?five spots where vegetarians are mistaken for animal doctors? (translation: cities that rated near the bottom of PETA?s review). Another poll highlights international achievements with its list of Canada?s vegetarian-friendly top six. PETA?s site also includes comprehensive guides to vegetarian/vegan eateries, reviews of featured restaurants, and a section where viewers can nominate their own favorite vegetarian spots.
-Amelia Bauerly

Go there>>America?s Top Ten Vegetarian-Friendly Cities (and the Five that aren?t)

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