An Activist Child of Divorce

| February 26, 2001

An Activist Child of Divorce, review by Sara Buckwitz,
Activism comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. For 19 days, Clayton Giles, 14, refused to eat or drink anything except water, Gatorade, or grape juice. He was protesting the current legal system's lack of consideration of children in divorce hearings. Right now he's planning to journey from Calgary to Washington D.C. by bicycle and on foot to gain support for his plight. On his website,, Clayton succinctly articulates his cause, 'My goal is to make everyone aware that kids are humans, not property, and that we deserve to be heard at the same time as our parents. ... [W]e want a say in what happens to us when our family breaks up. Just because kids can't explain exactly why we want something, doesn't mean that we don't know what we want.' To find out more about Clayton's case and see how you can support him, check out his website.
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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