And Now, Wage Your Own Private Drug War!

| March/April 2001

A New York company has introduced a do-it-yourself drug detection kit for paranoid parents and suspicious supervisors, reports The Village Voice (Nov. 14, 2000). American Bio Medica’s Drug Detector allows wily authority figures to check for marijuana and cocaine residue by simply wiping a surface with a special paper and spraying the paper with a chemical. If reddish-brown dots appear, there’s been marijuana in the vicinity; if blue spots turn up, cocaine is lurking nearby. Civil libertarians have expressed alarm over possible abuses of the product, but the company has issued assurances that they have no hidden agenda. 'We’re here to make money for our shareholders, number one,' says founder and CEO Stan Cipkowski. 'The fact that we’re selling a product that we think is going to help in a parent-child relationship, that’s number two.'