An Unfiltered Report on Current Thought in the Muslim World

| December 13, 2002

As the director of the Malaysian think tank the Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Mohamed Jawher Hassan looks directly at some of the chief viewpoints in Islamic thought today. Posted online at From The Wilderness, the site understands Hassan's writing as crucial in its ability to provide the Western World immediate access to Muslim thinking 'unfiltered by the spin doctors of the American corporate press.'

Writing about the war on Iraq, Hassan quotes Haile Selassie: 'Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better . . . that has made it possible for evil to triumph.' Hassan cites these 'sins of omission,' as crucial and problematic in this moment, manifested in examples such as the lack of outrage in the Arab world over a possible war, individuals everywhere failing to speak up for peace, and regimes that don't provide basic freedoms to their people. Hassan proposes six things the global community - governments, international institutions, and people - can do to combat these omissions. His suggestions include encouraging full media presence so the world can watch if there is a war in Iraq, that the global community ensure that those implementing UN resolutions abide strictly by their mandate, and seeing that if Iraq is defeated, the victors do not plunder its rich resources.
--Erica Sagrans

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