A Parliament of Dreams

| September 12, 2003

The American political system is broken. Democracy is just barely limping along. William Greider provides musings, hopes, and possibilities for the future of our country. He writes, 'I resist cynicism and continue to believe in the possibilities for genuine democracy.' Still, he points out, 'Instead of the robust, contentious conversation about the country that democracy promises, the public dialogue is pre-shrunk to 'stay on message.'' So, how does Greider maintain hope in our damaged democracy? 'Far distant from power, people are still doing politics on a human scale, face to face, and often winning life-giving triumphs, large and small, for their communities and themselves.' Here is where democracy is still alive and vibrant. Thus, borrowing an idea from the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Greider puts forward the possibility of a parliament of dreams -- a group of people that would listen to the dreams of America and help enact a sort of compassion-based social change.
-- Joel Stonington

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