A Pulpit for the People

| April 23, 2003

Organizers at the Grand Rapids Community Media Center (GRCMC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, say they are providing a blueprint for tomorrow?s community-based media. This nonprofit institution provides a forum for people who have an interest in TV, radio, and the Internet to learn what it takes to turn an idea into a program fit for broadcast. ?Building Community Through Media,? is the adage of GRCMC, and they stress that this is media of, for, and by the people. Community members who want to participate but can?t afford the fees for classes or studio time can volunteer their sweat equity to help pay their way. The CMC has minted coins emblazoned with a wind-blown Thomas Jefferson and the quote ?Information is the currency of democracy,? which are awarded for every hour volunteered. Each coin can be redeemed for $5 worth of the CMC?s services, explains executive director Dirk Konig. By providing avenues for self-expression, uniting diverse points of view, and promoting the principles of democracy, the GRCMC is realizing its mission to provide a pulpit for the people.
?Nick Garafola

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