A Report on Popular Culture

| September 13, 2002

A Report on Popular Culture: MISCmedia, Web site review by Abbie Jarman
For nearly 20 years, Clark Humphrey has been soaking up Seattle's cultural mix, digesting the city and placing a mirror up to its face. He began writing a column in the tabloid Artsfocus in 1989, and later in Seattle's leading alternative weekly The Stranger. After The Stranger axed Humphrey's column in '98, he decided to carry himself, turning MISCmedia into a newspaper and a Web site that is in perpetual update. MISCmedia.com is a text photo of Seattle life -- reporting on the Rolling Thunder Down Home Democracy Tour's stop through town, the takeover of corporate radio and its impact on Seattle's stations, and Humphrey's dismal tryouts for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? all in one scroll. The site also features fiction, longer essays, tributes and rants, and briefs on new films, books, and music in a space only the Web can hold. In short, MiscMedia is definitely miscellaneous. 'We believe Seattle needs a journal of sharp commentary, wry humor, arts, and ideas,' states the Web site's Policies. 'We're trying to be professional, but not corporate, neither hippie nor Republican; for people with lives, not just lifestyles. We believe politics is a subset of culture, not the other way around.'
--Abbie Jarman
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