Are You Being Bullied?

| July 6, 2000

Are You Being Bullied? Tim Field, Bully OnLine
'Half the population are bullied ... most people only realize it when they read this page' declares Bully OnLine, the web site of British author Tim Field, an expert on workplace bullying and stress caused by bullying. What exactly does Field mean by bullying, you ask? 'Bullying differs from harassment and assault in that the latter can result from a single incident or small number of incidents -- which everybody recognizes as harassment or assault -- whereas bullying tends to be an accumulation of many small incidents over a long period of time. Each incident tends to be trivial, and on its own and out of context does not constitute an offense or grounds for disciplinary or grievance action.' Read Field's helpful guide and find out how to tell if there's a bully in your life. Go there>>

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