Ashcroft Launches Victory Tour

Attorney General John Ashcroft is about to take his show on the
road. According to a New York Daily News exclusive report,
Ashcroft will launch a 10-day, 20-city tour later this month to
promote his newest piece of anti-terrorist legislation, the VICTORY
Act. If passed, the Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorists
Organizations Act would permit the government to:

  • Intercept Arab hawala transactions, an alleged cash
    source to terrorists;
  • Track business records without a court order;
  • Secure roving warrants to track wireless communications;
  • Increase drug dealing sentences to 40 years, with up to $4
    million in fines.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch is expected to
introduce the VICTORY Act in Congress in early September.

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Ashcroft to Plug Terror Bill

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