Beehive Collective Turns Art Into Politics (and Vice Versa)

Taking aim at corporations and western colonialism, the Beehive Design Collective “cross-pollinates” its message through huge and intricate pen-and-ink posters depicting the horrors of corporate globalization. The “anti-copyright” posters have focused on biodevastation and free trade agreements, using insects to represent various players–European wasps leaving their nest to create more like them in North and then South America, complete with military bugs and bloodsucking mosquitoes with corporate logos on their sides. A poster illustrating the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, for instance, depicts a gigantic spider web entangling animals and machinery and the resistance of leaf-cutter ants, who farm trees without destroying them, showing that there is an sustainable alternative to the uncontrolled mining of resources.

–Erica Sagrans

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The Beehive Design Collective

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