Blogging Bush

| June 6, 2003

Steve Perry, editor of the Twin Cities? alternative weekly City Pages, is keeping a prolific blog (short for weblog) on Bush and his back-ups?Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Colin Powell, et al?all of whom he categorizes under the heading ?Bushmen.? Perry updates the blog daily with commentary ranging from the (in)effectiveness of the government?s frequent declarations of Orange Alert in preserving public safety to whether or not Michael Moore should run as a Green candidate in the 2004 presidential election. Perry encourages readers to participate in the discussion and includes plenty of links to reader-submitted material and other news and commentary websites. Not short on wit, he even posts a picture of Bush in a pensive moment that bears a striking resemblance to the chimpanzee posted next to him.
?Heather Dewar

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