Blogging the War

Looking for an alternative to the cheerleading that passes for
TV news about the war in Iraq? Turn off the TV, go online, and
check out these Weblogs:
collaboration between seven different Weblogs, this site is
?designed to provide you with a birds-eye view of Gulf War Redux,
the American government and civil liberties issues in the United
States.? It automatically carries the latest headlines from each of
the participating blogs, and should be your first stop when looking
for a snapshot of what?s new both on the ground in Iraq and in the

?Texas journalist Sean-Paul Kelley?s impressive
play-by-play roundup of media reports on troop movements and other
developments on the ground, virtually as they happen.

Back to Iraq
?The travelogue of Christopher Albritton, an
independent American journalist in northern Iraqi Kurdistan.

Tom Engelhardt, a fellow at the Nation Institute, ?for anyone in
despair over post-September 11th U.S. mainstream media coverage of
our world and ourselves.?

?Columbia University grad student Paul
MacDonald?s thoughts on politics and the war.
media critic Mike Tronnes empties the impressive contents of his
brain. And these days he?s got the war on his mind.
Leif Utne

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