Books Advertised in Issue 98

| March/April 2000

Books Advertised in issue 98
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12 Million Black Voices , Richard Wright
Among the Thugs , Bill Buford
Be Careful What You Pray For , Larry Dossey
Black Boy , Richard Wright
Blinded By Might , Cal Thomas
Democracy in America , Alexis de Tocqueville
Einstein's German World , Fritz Richard Stern
Einstein and Religion , Max Jammer
Einstein's Daughter , Michelle Zackheim
God's Equation , Amir Aczel
God Makes the Rivers to Flow , Eknath Easwaran
Haiku: This Other World , Richard Wright
Hemp Cookbook From Seed To Shining Seed , Todd Dalotto
The Hemp Manifesto: 101 Ways That Hemp Can Save Our World, Rowan Robinson
The Kitchen Congregation , Nora Seton
Laurel's kitchen , Laurel Robertson
Meditation , Eknath Easwaran
Mississippi , Anthony Walton
Moosewood Cookbook , Mollie Katzen
Native Son , Richard Wright
The New New Thing , Michael Lewis
Parenting by Heart , Ron Taffel
A Plain Life: Walking my Belief, Scott Savage, (Ballantine, 2000)
Why Americans Hate Politics , E J Dionne
Your Money or Your Life , Joe Dominguez