Building a Dome Home: How I Achieved Concrete Results in the Round

Building a Dome Home: How I Achieved Concrete
Results in the Round,
Noel Neighbor, BackHome

Do you want to live in a house that is both environmentally
friendly and energy efficient? Build yourself a dome home. In the
do-it-yourself publication BackHome Magazine, Noel
Neighbor tells the story of building his own egg-shaped ‘Monolithic
Dome’ home from scratch. Discussing how it feels to live in a dome,
Neighbor writes, ‘[V]isitors have variously described a swirling
sensation of energy they found comforting, as well as a secure
feeling they thought related to the circle.’ As a former member of
the Meadow Creek Project–a self-sustaining agricultural community
in Arkansas–cost was a crucial element says Neighbor, of
maintaining a home. The dome home met the challenge; his utility
bills average $100 per month, which covers the costs of heating,
water and electric for his main house, barn, greenhouse, and a
swimming pool circulator. With photos and diagrams of Neighbor’s
house, the article is a nice introduction to this new architectural
–Sara V.
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