Bureaucrats Get EBay Fever

| June 11, 2003

You gotta give them credit for being practical: The state of California is selling items that were confiscated by airport security on EBay. CaliforniaGold2000 is the state's EBay handle, and since the program's inception in November 2002, it has earned more than $16,000 selling more than 5,000 pounds of objects from the Sacramento and Oakland airports alone. ?Among the oddest items confiscated and sold,? writes Suzanne Herel in the San Francisco Chronicle, ?were at least three circular saws, hatchets, curtain rods and a little girl's baton.? The money is divvied up between the state and federal governments. The Transportation Security Administration lets airports decide whether or not to participate in the program, and some are still choosing to recycle their items. But with most states wrestling with serious budget crises, California's new way to pick up some extra cash may catch on in the rest of the country.
?Anne Geske

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