Bush a Veteran of Maneuvers

Bush a Veteran of Maneuvers, Michael
Daly, Daily News Online
During the tumultuous late-1960’s, Senator George Bush ‘vigorously
supported sending other men’s sons to Vietnam.’ But the senator
pulled a few strings to ensure his namesake son’s safety. In the
Daily News online edition, columnist Michael Daly
exposes the vital role that, now-President George W. Bush played in
keeping America safe from the ‘Red Menace’. Young George joined the
Texas National Guard to avoid Vietnam and soon after took a leave
of absence to work on the campaign of Florida Senator Edward
Gurney. Citing quotes from campaign companion Pete Barr, Daly
learns that George W’s main task was carrying the pillow that World
War II-wounded Senator Gurney would sit on. When the campaign trail
grew too rough for Gurney, the Senator would take time off to
recuperate, leaving Pete Barr and George W. to ‘play a lot of
tennis and drink a lot of beer.’
–Al Paulson
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