Bush?s Mnemonic Device Song for Funny Foreign Names

| April 7, 2003

George W. has a famously difficult time remembering?let alone pronouncing?the names of foreign leaders. So the animators at Jib Jab Media thought they?d give him a helping hand with this short animated skit featuring Bush and his imaginary friend Rumple. In the film, Bush?s three-inch-tall friend Rumple comes up with a mnemonic device song to help Bush ?remember funny foreign names like a pro.? When Dubya thinks back to his time as owner of the Texas Rangers, player Sammy Sosa should help him remember the former president of Brazil, Cardosa. When Bush thinks of oil refinery, he should also be able to remember the name Khatami of Iran. The guys at Jib Jab are renowned in the world of Web digital animation for their well-informed and humorous political commentary. In another skit they depict Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John Adams having a rap battle. And another skit features a rapping Hillary Clinton Godzilla stomping through New York City.
-Nick Garafola

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