Buy-Partisanship Alive and Well

Buy-Partisanship Alive and Well, Ouch!,
With the nation’s eyes distracted by the presidential recount in
Florida, it was business as usual for the corporate lobbyists back
in Washington. ‘On November 15, President Bill Clinton quietly
signed a new law that means tens of billions of dollars in tax
breaks for a select group of major corporations,’ reports the
campaign-finance watchdog group Public Campaign, in
its weekly update Ouch! How Money in Politics Hurts You.
‘The new law, ‘The FSC Repeal & Extraterritorial Income
Exclusion Act of 2000,’ offers an estimated $62 billion in tax
relief over the next decade to Boeing Company, General Electric,
Monsanto, RJR Nabisco and other companies that are major
exporters–and major campaign contributors here at home. It passed
the Senate on November 1 and the House on November 14.’


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