California Recycles a Profitable Idea

| October 30, 2002

California Recycles a Profitable Idea, Mary Kuhl, The Christian Science Monitor
More and more Americans are recycling, but recycled goods do good only if they're actually used again -- not if they're sitting in a landfill, where, without a market, they're sadly destined. Enter the RecycleStore (, an online catalog of recycled goods, part of California's statewide campaign to keep reusable materials out of landfills, writes Mary Kuhl in The Christian Science Monitor. Individuals and retail stores alike can purchase a wide array of products -- including flowerpots, dinnerware, and backpacks -- made from wood, glass bottles, plastics and 'just about everything that is in our waste stream,' according to Steve Boyd, RecycleStore's Project Manager. So far, the store has helped California reduce its waste by an amazing 42 percent -- only 8 percent shy of the state's current goal.
--Rebecca Wienbar
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