Cancun Dispatch: 9/3

Displaced Iquanas

| September 2003

Just when I thought I was done for the night yesterday, Lisa nabbed me on my way back from dinner. She wanted me to help write a couple of paragraphs on direct action for a handbook the organizing groups -- including those who are extremely nervous about direct action or actively opposed to -- are publishing. It's a delicate mission, with three of us trying to work on it at the Convergence Center while others are gathering for a late-night scouting mission out on the island that is probably going to involve tequila at some point. They are in an exuberant mood, and it's hard to concentrate on the nuances of a political message when surrounded by exuberance, so we go home and finish there.

I get up early this morning for our 9 a.m. ecoteam meeting. We trek down to the Convergence Center so that we can be accessible to anyone who's not staying at the house, but nobody else shows up. We are irritated, knowing we could have stayed home and met leisurely over breakfast. We are all a bit on edge. My anxiety about getting everything done is making me pushy and it comes off patronizing and then feelings get hurt, but Abby and Erik and I know each other so well and truly love each other so much that it's not hard to resolve. And the work is underway -- still gathering tools today and doing redesign and beginning this afternoon to put things together.