Cancun Dispatch: 9/7

Dolphins and Plans

| September 2003

CANCUN CITY, MEXICO -- In the early morning light, the eco-village looks a bit like a child's construction project, with its hanging orange funnels for sinks, its cascade of gray-water barrels now filled with beautiful plants, its bicycle-wheel pump. It's beautiful!

Today we are getting the last systems up and running and hanging our signs, which don't look quite as much like that 10th-grade science project now that they are laminated and out here next to the real examples. Rodrigo and the punks are getting the pump working, fitting the rope which runs over pulleys and carries small rubber pistons through a pipe. The pistons bring up water, which dumps into a spillover that feeds the tank for the sinks. Over on the other side of the Casa, Erik and others have been setting up some showers. The women will shower inside the gymnasium, but there are no other showers for the men on this side of the encampment. We're proud of ourselves. The only cloud on the horizon is the fact that there aren't any -- no rain, and none predicted for seven days. Fortunately, we have some city water as a backup for our rain catchment, but it would be nice to see it work. On the other hand, it will be much nicer for the campers if it doesn't rain!