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Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Web site review by Kate Garsombke
With news on women's rights and information about reproductive laws worldwide, the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy's Web site is one of the most comprehensive glimpses into the global status of reproductive rights. Updates on policies such as abortion, contraception, and female genital mutilation can be found on the site, including information about the changing status of Afghan women's rights. The CRLP, created in 1992 by Janet Benshoof and a group of fellow attorneys, is the only international, nonprofit legal organization devoted solely to reproductive rights. Benshoof, who filed a citizen's petition that ultimately led to the Food and Drug Administration's approval of emergency contraception, was recognized in 2000 as one of the '100 most Influential Lawyers in America.'
--Kate Garsombke
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9/5/2008 1:04:30 PM

I can't beleive in this day and age, a woman can still be forced out of her job because she gets an abortion! Doesn't the reproductive privacy act protect her from such things?