Chill Pills

21 ways to reduce workday stress

1. Take a few minutes in the morning to be quiet and meditate. Sit or lie down and be with yourself. Gaze out the window, listen to the sounds of nature, or take a slow, quiet walk.

2. While your car is warming up, take a minute to quietly pay attention to your breathing.

3. While you're driving, become aware of body tension--hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel, shoulders raised, stomach tight. Consciously work at releasing and dissolving that tension. Does being tense help you drive better? What does it feel like to relax and drive?

4. Don't play the radio; be with yourself.

5. Stay in the right lane and go 55 miles per hour.

6. Pay attention to your breathing or to the sky and trees when you're stopped at a red light or a toll plaza.

7. After parking your car at your workplace, take a moment to orient yourself to your workday.

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