Chocolate Messiah Coming to Milwaukee

| March 1, 2002

Chocolate Messiah Coming to Milwaukee, Marc Tasman,
The Chocolate Messiah is a scrawny man, dressed in red, liquid-chocolate-soaked briefs. In a choppy photo collage of him on his Web site, he stands beatifically amidst Buddhist monks, while dripping with blood-like chocolate syrup. 'Choco is Coming,' is written prophetically across the sky in clouds. But who is Choco - and where are his pants? It's actually Marc Tasman, a multi-media performance artist, who divides his time between Milwaukee and Chicago spreading the word that 'chocolate is love.' On Valentine's Day, he beckoned school children and college students to take the gift of chocolate in preparation for his 'Chocolo-Spiritual Exercise' on April 6 in Milwaukee. In a ceremony that will benefit the renovation of an arts building, people will be invited to cry out with Amens and pour cans of chocolate syrup on Choco. Although the whereabouts of the Chocolate Messiah's trousers are unknown, he hopes that these 'simple acts of giving chocolate, symbolic gestures of love and kindness, will inspire all humanity to love one another and live in peace.'
--Kate Garsombke
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