Click To Help

| January 25, 2001

Click To Help,
There's a new entry in the growing club of click-to-donate websites: A project of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, the site is an online service that gives poor families in developing countries a chance to work their way out of poverty through microcredit -- small self-employment loans, often under $100. You can be a poverty fighter with just one visit to the web site. Simply click on the home page, and sponsors will donate 25 cents to the next loan. Microcredit, the process by which poor people are given small infusions of cash to jumpstart their local businesses, has been shown to work time and again. Just ask Jennifer Zindoga of Zimbabwe. 'I started my garment business out of my bedroom,' remembers Zindoga. Using her own bed for a work table, Zindoga worked elbow-to-elbow with two other women making baby clothes. However, she was frustrated by her inability to buy yarn wholesale. She simply had no cash. With an initial microloan of $125, Zindoga was able to buy the yarn, and, soon, she expanded her business out of her bedroom and hired three extra employees. She currently sells her products to local department stores and has paid off nine loans in the last eight years, the last one being $1250. She is proud that her business supports not only her own family of three children, but five other families as well. With, she says, 'I feel I have a business partner who cares.' Click to help!
--Anjula Razdan
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