Come Clean About That Boil on Your Butt, Rush!

A recent Buzzflash New Anal-ysis ?examines? the question of
whether Rush Limbaugh was excused from military duty during the
Vietnam war because of a purported anal cyst. The catalyst for this
inquiry?a December 2002 episode of his radio show in which a caller
reminded Limbaugh that he once mentioned his success in dodging the
draft by claiming to have a boil on his butt. Limbaugh dismissed
the allegation as ?[J]ust a bunch of Internet B.S.? To refute his
denial, Buzzflash points us to a well-reserched entry on Snopes, ?the definitive Internet reference source for
urban legends,? corroborates the claim by citing Paul D. Crawford?s
book, The Rush Limbaugh Story: ?Limbaugh?s mother said in
1993 that she did not know if her son had a physical or not, but
she added that he did have a pilonidal cyst like his father.?
?Erin Ferdinand

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