Contributing to Humanitarian Missions in Iraq

| April 14, 2003

In response to the overwhelming need for humanitarian intervention in Iraq, InterAction?an organization of 160 U.S.-based relief, development, and assistance agencies?has created a web guide to member groups that will be providing services to the region once the war is over. Most notable is InterAction affiliates? commitment ?to assure accountability to donors, professional competence, and quality of service.? Organizations listed in their web guide include:

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International
?Since 1995, the ADRA network has been working in northern Iraq with local partners and has built five schools and four health centers. [ADRA] is planning to open a temporary office in Amman, Jordan, and it is pre-positioning itself to meet the immediate needs of the Iraqi people and will open an office in Baghdad as quickly as possible.?

International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)
?ICMC is planning to provide protection and support for extremely vulnerable individuals (including the infirm elderly, the physically and mentally disabled, the ill, and unaccompanied minors) within refugee populations affected by the current emergency in Iraq.?

Mercy Corps
?Mercy Corps and its global partner Peace Winds Japan are operating programs that are providing critical medical, shelter, and social care assistance to more than 300,000 in northern Iraq. Mercy Corps staff in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, the West Bank have also drawn up an Iraq response plan to deliver food, water, shelter and medicine to nearly 700,000 refugees over the next six months.?

Stop Hunger Now (SHN)
?SHN is providing aid for the purchase of emergency food boxes that will each feed a family of four in Iraq for four weeks. SHN is partnering with the Middle East Council of Churches and the Islamic Relief Agency.?

For a complete list of affiliates and how you can contribute, visit the Disaster Response page of the InterAction web site.