Dear Classmates

An alumni note

| May / June 2004

I'm writing to tell you I've been named accountability manager at the region's third-largest performance estimation firm. In 1995 I married my fellow alum, Sue. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I haven't gone anywhere since. Oh, God. I miss sunsets from the library roof, getting stoned with Dave and Keith. Life just keeps getting smaller now. Keith killed himself last fall. I haven't heard from Dave since graduation. He didn't come to the funeral. If anyone knows where he is . . .

We have two adorable children, Danny and Lori. I wanted more, but Sue had the miscarriage and a hysterectomy. We finally sold the crib in a garage sale last June. I think she hates me. We still have sex every Thursday, but it's not the same. We own a beautiful house, with two acres and a pool. Sue was fired from the hospital last month when she showed up drunk again. Now she just sleeps. I wanted to tell you I've done my best to use my sociology degree, but there were so many bills, and everyone has to work somewhere.

My hobbies are raising goldfish and watching gay porn with my neighbor, Steve. Although I don't let him do anything to me. Much. I don't paint anymore, and I haven't skied since the accident. Some days, I think about packing the car and leaving. Maybe heading south. Maybe with Steve. I'm writing to tell you I have disappeared. I'm writing in case you remember me.

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