Declare Your Town a Civil Liberties Safe Zone

| December 16, 2002 Issue

In the face of the Bush administration's relentless drive to erode civil liberties under the banner of the war on terror, a novel form of protest is spreading across the country. Eighteen cities and towns have declared themselves "civil liberties safe zones," and at least 40 others in 24 states are considering doing the same, reports Nat Hentoff in a recent Village Voice column.

The movement was born last February, when 300 citizens in Northampton, Massachusetts formed the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Angered by the hasty and secretive passage of the USA PATRIOT Act--a sweeping anti-terrorism bill that gave federal law enforcement broad new powers to snoop on citizens--the Northampton BORDC began lobbying the city council.

ed hee_2
1/22/2010 9:50:37 AM

its january 2010 and the supreme fascists have made the playing field into a free-fire zone. the corporatists have put the final nail into the coffin of "we the people". pres. kennedy in with al his baggage was prescient enough to utter this;"those that make peacefull revolution imppossible make violent revolution inevitable". i can only also quote eddie murphy when he opined on saturday night live; "kill the landlord, kill the landlord". then again perhaps deiderot was closer to the bone when he suggested that the "common" man would not be free until the last banker was strangled to death with the intestines of the last priest.

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