Declare Independence from Corporate Rule

| June 27, 2001

Declare Independence from Corporate Rule

What do you have planned for the coming 4th of July holiday? Will you be like many Americans--driving your SUV to Wal-Mart for a patriotic passel of red, white, and blue picnic supplies? And don't forget the cooler full of Coca-Cola and Budwieser. Or will you be heading to Disney World for an expensive day of fun and frolic? But, while you're munching your Egg McMuffin for breakfast, have you ever wondered about the handful of companies that seem to dominate global culture--and collect all your money?

The irreverent anti-corporatists at Adbusters magazine want you to join their growing army of aware citizens who this July 4th will be unfurling a modified version of Old Glory to make a statement against the corporate state. The Adbuster flag, a 'corporate-spangled banner' designed by Chinese artist Shi-Zhe Yung, features corporate logos (from the CBS eye and Playboy bunny to the Travelers umbrella and the Nike swoosh) replacing the stars in the Stars and Stripes.

This Declaration of Independence from corporate rule is the brainchild of Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn, author of the insightful manifesto Culture Jam, which argues that America has become much less a true democracy, and much more of a corporate state. After the protests in Seattle, Prague, and other spots around the globe where violence erupted, Lasn wanted to bring the issue home, where it can provoke a more constructive debate.

Adbusters manufactured 500 of the flags, which quickly sold out--the most overwhelming response to a promotion the magazine has ever received. But don't worry, it's not too late to show your true colors. You can download a Web version of the flag from the Adbusters Web site.
--Al Paulson
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