Denying Dubya's Bribe: The Push to Reject the Tax Rebate

| July 18, 2001

Denying Dubya's Bribe: The Push to Reject the Tax Rebate

Frustrated with the tax plan approved in May? Feel that the $300 rebate is a thinly disguised bribe to accept the unfair plan? Reject it. Donate the money to your favorite charity or a group hit by federal budget cuts.

Only five days after the launch of, a site hosted by the nonprofit group United for a Fair Economy, 400 people have pledged to give away their rebates, totaling more than $120,000, reports Alicia Rebensdorf for the alternative news service AlterNet.

It doesn't matter how money is given, notes Rebensdorf. What's important is that this movement may 'generate a much-needed cash influx for social justice groups' and send a message to the Bush administration about national priorities.

Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to will have the opportunity to donate their rebate, writes Rebensdorf. 'About 26 percent of the population, mostly folks in the lowest income brackets, will receive no rebate at all,' she notes. 'These also happen to be the people most often helped by the services suffering from Republican budgetary cuts.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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