Disney's Eco-Theme Education Adventure

| November 22, 2002

Disney's Eco-Theme Education Adventure, by John F. Borowski, Eat The State
Despite continuing its appalling record of human rights and environmental abuses, Disney Corporation has decided to promote 'environmental education' to California schoolchildren through its new initiative, Jiminy Cricket's Environmental Challenge. The Environmental Challenge involves activities that are tied to the 'California Content Standards' for fifth grade classes, and offers Disney posters, plaques, hats, and the opportunity to win a trip to the Disneyland Resort for the program's winners. Yet according to John F. Borowski, Disney appears to forgotten the most important aspect of the Challenge's namesake: Jiminy Cricket's conscience. The educational initiative conveniently makes no mention of Disney's role in charging citizens money to visit national parks and forests, Disney's partnership with the World Bank, and the fact that Disney received the 'Sweatshop Retailer of the Year Award' in 2001 from the Maquila Solidarity Network.
--Erica Sagrans
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