Doing Something

| August 23, 2002

Doing Something, Geov Parrish, Eat the State!
'I came back from vacation a couple weeks ago, and, not surprisingly, the news was grim. Wars here, trampled civil liberties there, hard times all over the place,' writes Geov Parrish in Eat the State, 'If these aren't the end times prophesized in untold numbers of religions, they're a heckuva warmup act.' But instead of letting current problems tromp our persistent efforts to improve our world, Parrish advises us to discover--as he has--'all the people doing wonderful and inspiring things at the lower levels, in local communities, under the radar,' the actions that often are obscured by the disheartening, tragic stories in the competition for placement on the evening news. And if that's not enough to inspire, Parrish offers three points of encouragement that will halt anyone's plans for giving up.
--Julie Madsen
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