Do Right Woman

Five new titles for women who resist easy definition

| January / February 2006

Representing voices varied and vibrant, these newly published books don't reveal what makes a woman: They suggest that there is nothing that cannot.

The Spirit of Indian Women
Judith Fitzgerald and Michael Oren Fitzgerald, editors (World Wisdom)
Packed with rare photos, the tiny tome celebrates 19th-century American Indian women.

Fifty Ways to Improve Women's Lives: The Essential Women's Guide to Achieving Equality, Health and Success (Inner Ocean)
A cast of accomplished women provide insight on issues from health to finance to community in this call-to-action guide.

Iron Maidens: The Celebration of the Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World
By Kristin Kaye (Thunder's Mouth Press)
The history of women's weight training rounds out this sassy, poignant memoir.

Mother Daughter Sister Bride: Rituals of Womanhood
By Joanne B. Eicher and Lisa Ling (National Geographic)
Full-page photographs illuminate a world's worth of defining moments in women's lives.

Reckless: The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women
By Gloria Mattoni (Seal Press)
This pick-me-up read inspires with profiles of women who pursued uncommon dreams.