Do You Dare Discover Your Center?

If you are what you eat, what if you eat a box of chocolates?

| January / February 2006

The center or filling that you love can tell you a lot about yourself. What is it about the center that attracts you? These centers -- their smell, their taste, their texture -- link into your moods, your thoughts, your self-esteem. By understanding what the centers suggest, you may be able to understand your feelings better. Of course, this is just a fun exercise. But playing the game can help get you thinking along the right lines. So why not take some time out with chocolate and find your center?

Almond: Quick thinking and freedom loving, you thrive on change and variety. You can also appear flippant at times, and you may have a tendency to flit from one thing or person to another.

Apricot: Gentle and self-assured, you like to help others and create warmth and security in your surroundings. You can also lack patience and find it hard to trust others.

Brazil nut: Your life appears perfect, and you like to be seen at all the right places. But sometimes, despite outward appearances, you appear vulnerable and anxious on the inside.

Caramel, hard: People can rely on you, and you like to get things done. Routine is important to you. The downside is that you may find it hard to listen to and respect the points of view of others.

Caramel, soft: You are comfortable and easygoing -- too easygoing sometimes, and you don't get the credit or the reward you deserve.