Dutch Treat

| January / February 2003

AFTER TULIPS, cheese, and wooden shoes, The Netherlands is most famous for its bicycles,? writes Marco P.J. Borst in the British bicycling magazine Velo Vision (September 2002). In fact, the Dutch love bicycles so much they even play music on them. The tradition started in 1849 with the army?s Cyclists? Corps. The Marching and Cycling Band HHK (above) has been riding and performing at festivals and bicycle events since 1973 (HHK reflects the original marching band?s name, Haarlems Harmonie Kapel). Subscriptions: ?32 (4 issues) from Velo Vision, Environmental Community Centre, St Nicholas Fields, Bull Lane, York, YO10 3EN, United Kingdom (www.velovision.co.uk).