New Paradigm / Emerging Culture 2001

| November/December 2001

Fourth World Review

An endearing little journal with the important message that Small is Beautiful—-in business, in government, in culture, in architecture, in our lives.

For small nations, small communities & the human spirit.
John Papworth, editor
Forth World Educational Research Assoc. Trust
26 High St.
Purton, Wiltshire SN5 4AE England
Subscription address:
Canessa Park, 708 Montgomery
San Francisco, CA 94111
$20/yr. (5 issues)



The melding of western intellect with an ancient sense of soul is the alchemy of choice at this handsome journal from the New York Open Center that appears three times a year.

The inner meaning of contemporary life.
Ralph White, editor
New York Open Center
83 Spring St.
New York,NY 10012
Subscription address: PO Box 30087
Escondido, CA 92030-0807
$15/yr. (3 issues)