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Websites to sate the optic nerve

| August 25, 2005

For everyone tired of looking only at lines of tiny words on a glowing screen, Utne offers refreshment: a tall, cool list of websites chockablock with pictures, photos, videos, and other visual stimuli. Sit back and bask in the shades of the color wheel.

Color Code
Kill an hour exploring a mottled checkerboard that maps more than 33,000 nouns. Each word has a color determined by taking the average color of the first 50 images found by a search engine. Who knew 'mingling' was light brown?

The Aesthetiscope
Another project exploring the links between color and language. The program translates songs, poems, stories, etc., into grids of colorful blocks. Don't miss the video that visualizes the aesthetic beat of John Lennon's 'Imagine.' (Thanks, information aesthetics.)

Site patrons can stroll through a metaphysical museum that exhibits masters ranging from Bernini to Rothko. Best of all, it's a mess'a cultcha' for free.

Media Mirror
This video installation arranges more than 200 cable channels to create a tiled likeness of anyone standing in front of it. You are what you watch.

A rallying point for illustrators and cartoonists, this blog serves as the Internet's refrigerator door, exhibiting superb drawers.

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