Faith in the Land

| July / August 2004

Three farmers show us how to trust nature again

Many Americans are getting in touch with good food -- organics have gone mainstream, farmers' markets proliferate, and co-ops are no longer the sole domain of the granola set. But how much do we know about where food actually comes from? The land and its cultivators are often overlooked as we consider the quality of the foods that sustain us. Here, sustainable agriculture writer Lisa Hamilton profiles farmers who have a deep intimacy with nature. And acclaimed novelist Barbara Kingsolver reveals the satisfying world of farmers who revel in their role as stewards of the land. She echoes Hamilton's call to deepen our relationship with the food on our tables. -- The Editors

Silence is a way of life in the High Plains: Antelope slip from one place to the next; cows rarely bellow; and of course coyotes are nothing if noticed too soon. When there is a noise -- the beating of wings, the thud of a kill -- it is muffled by a sea of grasses or lost to the open sky.